Browse our songbooks. We've got some great songs you can perform.

WIthout a doubt, the BEST way to search for and submit songs to your host is with the app!!! BUt we also offer our current entire songbook, as well as each individual update, including ones not yet added to the printed books, as PDFs to browse online or download.

Search and submit songs via our app

We have resisted going to a song submission app for a long time. We have always felt that the human interaction with our singers is a huge part of what makes what we do so special. But, as a response to the COVID-19 social distancing considerations, we felt a responsibility to offer a hands-off way to search books and submit songs.

To that end, we have partnered with Open KJ Songbook, which will provide our patrons with a free app for both Android and iOS devices where they can search our songbooks, and as long as our venues have wifi, actually submit songs directly to their karaoke hosts. No books, no slips, no pens, no approaching your karaoke host- allowing both them and you to social distance as required, and save a printed slip if so desired.

Using our online songs search and submission app couldn't be easier. FROM YOUR PHONE- Just click on the link below to go to or scan the qr code below, and be directed directly to where you can download the free Android or iOS app. Check our show listings page or ask your host to see the code for where you are singing. That's it! Just enter the code, search with the app, find the song you want to sing, and click submit!

That's it!

  • - download the app
  • - enter in the unique show code
  • - search for your song
  • - click submit
Do not try to submit a second song until after you have sang your first! PLEASE USE the SAME NAME FOR ALL YOUR SUBMISSIONS or lose your spot in the rotation!

Click here for information regarding our services during COVID-19

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